Anticipatory Care Planning: Time to Make it Happen

acpdocThe latest Anticipatory Care Planning: Time To Make It Happen event took place on 16th November at the Royal College of Surgeons with participants from across the health and social care sector.

This was the second of three interactive workshops in which delegates learn about the emerging examples of good practice and help influence the future development of Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) across Scotland.

It was another busy day comprising three plenaries, three breakout sessions, and four updates from the tests of change highlighted at the first meeting.

Welcome and Opening Remarks 

Diane Murray (Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government)
Dr Stuart Cumming (National Clinical Lead, Anticipatory Care Planning)

Janette Barrie (National Clinical Lead, Anticipatory Care Planning)
Sheila Steel (Associate Improvement Advisor, Anticipatory Care Planning)

Diane started proceedings with a personal story on the power of why, and the ways ACP matters to her. Stuart and Janette introduced the work so far, what’s progressed and looked to the future. All three providing a reminder that:

Anticipatory care is about people of all ages. Anticipatory care is everyone’s business.

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Our Anticipatory Care Planning Work

ACP team

Our ACP team. Left to right: Dr Stuart Cumming, Janette Barrie, Sheila Steel

Work is now underway on the Living Well in Communities Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP) work stream. This article introduces the new team who are delivering this work, gives some background information on ACP and recent work in Lanarkshire, and the work that we are doing in this area on the Living Well in Communities portfolio of improvement programmes.

What is Anticipatory Care Planning?

Anticipatory Care Planning involves health professionals and/or care providers working together with individuals and their carers to discuss their goals and wishes, and recording these decisions so that in the event of a gradual or sudden decline,  those providing care have clear guidance on what that person and his or her carer would wish to happen. It facilitates a whole-systems approach for people living with long-term conditions, ensuring that person-centred care and personal outcomes are achieved.

The Living Well in Communities ACP team

Our ACP team is made up of Sheila Steel, our Associate Improvement Advisor, from NHS Lanarkshire and our National Clinical Leads, Janette Barrie from NHS Lanarkshire and Dr Stuart Cumming from NHS Forth Valley.

Recent work in Lanarkshire: raising public awareness of Anticipatory Care Planning and Power of Attorney

For the last two years Lanarkshire’s health and social care partnerships have teamed up with Glasgow City Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board to raise public awareness of Power of Attorney (POA).  However, Lanarkshire saw the opportunity to incorporate anticipatory care planning into this campaign to raise the profile of both ACP and POA.

From the number of direct enquiries from members of the public regarding the anticipatory care planning process and how to initiate this, it was clear further information was required, building upon the TV and online campaigns.

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