Meet Ben Lukins!

ben_bwI would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the Programme Manager with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, responsible for coordinating the work on applying the principles of Buurtzorg to develop Scottish models of neighbourhood care.

I have been reflecting on how quickly time has flow by since coming into post in September. From the offset I was keen to immerse myself in Buurtzorg to understand the model, and to think about how we as a national body could best support the local work in Scotland.  A key part of this has been meeting with a number of people from different organisations, backgrounds and professions who have been part, or are keen to be part, of this work.

This has been a great opportunity to listen to myriad perspectives and thoughts. I have been struck by the enthusiasm of those I have talked to, many of whom are motivated by achieving the best possible outcomes for people, as well as making the role of those providing care truly fulfilling. The Buurtzorg model resonates so powerfully for so many, as it brings to the surface the reason they came into the caring profession, drawing from the richness that comes from building and sustaining meaningful relationships.

A key aspect of supporting this work is how we can best help create the conditions for change. Buurtzorg itself nurtures a culture for learning from experiences and one’s mistakes, and this is something that we are mindful about and want to cultivate for the areas developing and testing their models.  A significant part of this is how we capture and share this learning, ideally by establishing a self-sustaining learning community.

A number of people, much like myself, are at the beginning of their journey in understanding how the principles of Buurtzorg could be applied in Scotland. What I have learned so far is the need to keep an open mind and not lose sight what drives this desire for change. It is difficult and it’s okay to be honest about that. There are a number of challenges that have already presented themselves, with others on the horizon. However, the key is to perceive these as such, challenges and not barriers that will derail and / or stop this work.

My hope for this year is that the number of people on this journey will grow, challenges will be overcome in a collaborative and learning way, and that those developing models of neighbourhood care will have the space and support to test how this will work in Scotland.

If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more please do get in touch.

You can follow Ben on Twitter at @blukins1


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