Our Intermediate Care and Reablement Work



In 2011 the Scottish Government published the document, The Reshaping Care for Older People: A Programme for Change 2011-2021. It outlined the policy goal to “optimise the independence and wellbeing of older people at home, or in a homely setting. This will involve a substantial shift in focus of care from institutional setting to care at home – because it is what people want and provides better value for money.”

An NHS HEAT target was introduced from April 2012 to reduce 75+ emergency bed day rates by at least 12% nationally between 2009/10 and 2014/15.

Intermediate Care services offer alternatives to emergency inpatient admission and deliver person-centred outcomes for people, whilst improving whole systems flow.

What is Intermediate Care & Reablement?

Our workstream will support partnerships to better understand and maximise the impact and effectiveness of their intermediate care and reablement services. These services:

  • offer alternatives to emergency inpatient care
  • support timely discharge from hospital
  • promote recovery and return to independence
  • prevent emergency admission or early permanent admission to a care home

Intermediate care and reablement can be delivered at home or as locally as possible by multi-professional, multi-agency teams and include settings such as: individuals’ own homes, sheltered housing complexes, care homes, and community hospitals.

The Intermediate Care & Reablement Team

Our new Improvement and Associate Improvement Advisors are in the scoping and planning phase of the workstream. If you are involved in any relevant work in this area then please get in touch.

Lianne McInally

lianneLianne is seconded from NHS Lanarkshire where she was Falls Advanced Occupational Therapist with Lanarkshire Falls Service, working within an integrated model of care delivering falls assessment and rehabilitation in the service users own home. Lianne had a lead role for the Lanarkshire Falls Pathway and was responsible for the implementation of the Framework for Action in Lanarkshire. Lianne was National Project Lead for Up and About in Care Homes, the Management of Falls and Fractures in Care Homes for Older People Improvement Project (January 2014 – June 2015). Lianne will also have a responsibility for the Falls & Frailty programme.

Dianne Foster

dianeDianne has joined the team from NHS Ayrshire and Arran where she was working a Midwife. Dianne took part in the IHI Improvement Advisors Professional Development Programme and has improvement experience, having worked as a Clinical Improvement Practitioner with the Early Years Collaborative. She also supported the neonatal strand of Scottish Patient Safety Programme Maternity and Children’s Quality Improvement Collaborative (MCQIC).


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